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It all started with Buster a 6 year old rescue dog from the RSPCA in Cornwall. How do you transport a Buster, two adults, a surf board and Kayaks around the country was my problem. There seemed to be no answer to this problem until i decided to convert my own van into a bespoke campervan. I designed developed and built the first Bustervan, a Ford Transit was used, the conversion built from light weight plywoods, fully lined and insulated to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter and with a fun looking boogie board removable table, things were looking good.

Since day one we have taken a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable products, challenging and innovating, seeking alternatives to what has gone before. We’re committed to making informed decisions about our impact on the environment and are constantly trying to push boundaries to make the best product we can. In our eyes it is our campers that will be with you the longest; and the longer you have it, the more attached to it you become.

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The Founder

Craig Smith, Bustervans founder

I have always had a love of camping, the great outdoors and camper vans. Sat in a VW camper in the late 70s is my earliest memory of a camper van, having spent many nights sleeping in cars over the years on short holidays with my parents, to then get a campervan was an amazing experience that would stay with me. My love for campers, motorhomes and RVs had begun, but it was a long wait until i had my own camper.


While sitting in my bespoke camper at Cape Cornwall taking in the breath taking scenery i decided that i would start doing van conversions for others and at the same time, I wanted to push innovation and product development in an industry that I felt was lacking. So I set about building a brand that would address this need, making innovative product built for purpose that would last. I wanted the brand to be committed to a better way of manufacturing, both in the materials we use and the manufacturers we choose to work with, seeking alternatives to what was already out there. I also realised there was very little out there on offer for those that wanted a larger off grid campervan,The idea has now started to take shape and the dream become a reality Since those sunny days sitting in my campervan , and supported by those who have jumped on board, the brand and product will reach far and wide. Yet from our Bodmin workshop, we will stay true to our ideas and ethos of functionality and sustainability, remaining committed to product, environment and people.

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